2x750 HP
National Line of Sight and Satellite Communication System
National AESA Radar (Multi-purpose weather radar, synthetic aperture radar, weather radar)
1500 Kilogram Payload
National munitions MAM-L and MAM-C
Max Altitude 45,118 Feet

General Information

With its unique fuselage and wing design Bayraktar Akinci platform is a strategic class platform which can carry various payloads. 

Bayraktar AKINCI is equipped with dual artificial intelligence avionics which supports for signal processing, sensor fusion and situational awareness in real time.

Bayraktar AKINCI is capable of conducting operations that are performed with fighter jets. It carries electronic support systems, dual satellite communication systems, air-to-air radar, collision avoidance radar and synthetic aperture radar.

Bayraktar AKINCI can be used in air-to-ground and air-to-air attack missions as well.

With its triple redundant electronics hardware and software systems Bayraktar AKINCI is capable of carrying the following payloads:

•    Mini Smart Munition MAM-L
•    Mini Smart Munition MAM – C
•    Cirit Missile
•    L-UMTAS Missile
•    Mini Smart Munition Bozok
•    MK-81, MK-82, MK-83 Guided Bombs (JDAM)\
•    Wing Assisted Guided Bomb MK-82
•    Air-to-Air Missile Gokdogan and Bozdogan
•    Stand-Off Missile SOM-A

Bayraktar AKINCI will be equipped with multifunction AESA Radar system for air-to-air, synthetic, meteorology estimation.

Basic flight performance criteria
  • 40,000 Feet Flight Altitude
  • 24 Hours Airtime
  • Dual Redundant SATCOM + Dual Redundant LOS
  • Fully Automatic Flight Control and 3 Redundant Autopilot System (Triple Redundant)
  • Fully Automatic Landing and Take-off Feature Without Dependence on Ground Systems
  • Navigation with Internal Sensor Fusion Without Dependency on GPS
Advanced Features
  • Fully Automatic Navigation and Route Tracking Feature
  • Precise Auto Takeoff and Landing with Built-in Sensor Fusion
  • Fully Automatic Taxi and Parking Feature
  • Semi-Autonomous Flight Modes Support
  • Fault Tolerant and 3 Redundant Sensor Fusion Application
  • Cross Redundant YKI System
  • Unique Redundant Servo Actuator Units
  • Unique Redundant Lithium-Based Battery Units

Technical Specifications

  • Communication Range LOS & BLOS
  • Operational - Maximum Altitude 30.000 feet - 40,000 feet
  • Payload Capacity 1.500 kg
  • Payload - ISR Simultaneous EO/IR/LD, Multi-Purpose AESA Radar &
  • Payload - Munitions Laser Guided Smart Munitions, Missiles & Long M
  • Thrust Type 2 x 750 HP or 2 x 450 HP Turboprop Engines
  • Takeoff and Landing Runway (Automatic)
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight 6.000 kg
  • Hover 24 hours
  • Wingspan 20 mt.
  • Height 4.1 mt.
  • Length 12.2 mt.
  • Travel - Maximum Speed 150 - 195 Knots

From Prototype to Reality

before after
Ground Control Station
  • Radio Systems
  • Pilot Console
  • Internal Conversation Systems
  • Payload Operator Console
  • Image Exploitation Console
  • Rack Type Cabinets
  • Power Systems, Filters
  • Power Supply Units
  • Military Type Two Air Conditioning Units
  • NBC Filtration System
  • NATO Spec ACE-III Shelter Features

Ground Control Station

•    Trailer Type
•    Shelter Type
•    Indoor Type

Bayraktar AKINCI uses triple bands for LOS control and video transmission.
Our UAV has BLOS control and video transmission via SATCOM.
BLOS operations can be supported over existing worldwide satellite networks and attendant ground data terminals.
Alternatively,  SATCOM data terminals can be supplied. 


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