selçuk bayraktar

selçuk bayraktar

Social Responsibilities

Sosyal Sorumluluk

Pioneer of National Technology Move, BAYKAR
Since it was founded, BAYKAR, a pioneer in Turkey's defense industry, has been exploiting its role to disseminate technological development with socially responsible projects. Thanks to Baykar’s projects, the majority of people have achieved social awareness. Aiming to produce Turkish high-tech, Baykar continues to support initiatives in order to increase the capacity and competence of well-trained people both in social and professional life.

T3 Vakfı

Operating in the fields of defense and aviation, Baykar, together with T3, has a vision for the National Technological Breakthrough and is trying to rank among the leading institutes that support the development of trained human resources in this area.

Thus, Baykar is one of the largest supporters of Turkey’s Technology Team Foundation (T3 Foundation).

Settled at the facility in Bayrampaşa which was donated by Bayraktar Family, the T3 Foundation has aimed to ensure that talented people of all ages participate in the technology development processes. Its purpose is to support the production of national original systems and components that will have strategic importance and their own identity in global competition.

T3 Foundation also aims to support 1001 Technology Teams by 2023.

To improve our country, technology-wise, T3 Foundation has produced maker labs, training workshops in 81 provinces in Turkey while establishing competency to educate young minds.

In Experimental Workshops that are held by T3 Foundation, junior and high school beginners receive training in areas such as Design-Production, Robotics-Coding, Electronic Programming, Software Technologies, Aerospace Technologies.

The Foundation, which has set out the goal of supporting 1001 technology initiatives by 2023, also supports high-tech national initiatives with the T3GM (T3 Enterprise Center).


TEKNOFEST ISTANBUL Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, is a main target of Turkey’s Technology Team Foundation (T3 Foundation), that is founded in January, 2017 and Ministry of Industry and Technologies.

The festival has been held since 2018, September 20th-23rd, annually, to adopt the technology and drive the national transformation of technology production and development into a society.

The main organizers are T3 Foundation, Ministry of Industry and Technology and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, For the first year, TEKNOFEST broke the record and became the second largest aviation festival in the world with over 550K visitors.

This year, the second festival has hosted 1M720K people guests leading to a world record.

Titled to be the biggest aviation and technology event in the world, TEKNOFEST is organized to set an example for the young people who will set and disseminate future technologies via bringing aviation enthusiasts together.

Hosting colorful events and big technology competitions, BAYKAR is among the main supporters of TEKNOFEST.

Teknik Geziler

Feeling responsible for the future Turkey’s defense and aviation industry, BAYKAR is welcoming high school and college students in its Hadımköy, Istanbul R & D Center.

During their visits, students have observed the production line.

Followingly, BAYKAR Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar and experienced engineers at BAYKAR present themselves and share a sincere talk with the guests.

All in all, BAYKAR is highly proud of welcoming Turkey’s future.