selçuk bayraktar

selçuk bayraktar

Flying Car

The Cezeri Flying Car, will make a radical change by providing totally Green urban air transport. The Cezeri, is being developed to bring a reliable solution to aerial delivery of time critical packages and medicines in congested urban cities. In addition the Cezeri can be used in remote areas for search and rescue and for military supply missions.

Technical Features
  • Cruise speed: 100 km / h
  • Maximum flight altitude: 2000 m
  • Endurance Time: ~ 1 hour
  • Range: 70-80 km
  • Time required to fully charge the batteries: 1 hour
  • Dimensions (width X length X height): 3730 x 4070 x 1870 mm
  • Take-off / Landing: Vertical take-off
  • Maximum Take-off Weight: 241 kg
  • Engine type: 8 x Brushless DC motor
Technicial Specifications
  • Artificial intelligence computer aided flight system
  • Electrically driven propellers; 2 reversing impellers on each motor arm
  • Lithium-ion battery pack
  • Triple redundant full autonomous flight control systemv
  • Carbon fiber structural; lightweight and durable cabin and engine arm constructions
  • Fixed-pitch propellers
  • Passenger and cargo cabins suitable for urban air transport


The Flying Car is a totally Green, renewable Urban Air Transport (UAT) concept that offers the alternative of automobiles in urban transportation. Urban Air Transport is a reliable and effective passenger and cargo transport ecosystem covering city centers and suburbs. Besides, Cezeri Flying Car can be used for autonomous logistic support including the health sector with its built-in artificial intelligence system.

  • Traffic congestion can be reduced in urban transport
  • Time spent in traffic can be minimized
  • Air pollution from transportation can be reducedv
  • Traffic accidents can be reduced
  • Provide faster and more efficient cargo transportation
  • Can respond quickly to the urgent needs of health institutions (blood, organ transport, etc.) and business institutions
  • Can be used to supply high-risk combat zones
  • The vehicle is designed to fly with minimum technical and aviation knowledge.
  • Cezeri Flying Car is a single-seat, rotating wing aircraft consisting of 8 Brushless DC motors and propeller pairs.
  • The vehicle provides its power from rechargeable batteries and works with 100% electricity.
  • Flying car is controlled with vehicle control lever, altitude control lever, touch command screen, two physical buttons (Emergency Landing, Stop) and two switches (Engine Battery Switch, Avionics System Switch).